Sunday, June 19, 2005

hipsy-curvy weekend

oops what a weekend that was!!. lots of activities in 2 days.only now the mind is back in shape again.lost the count of hours passed me by.I wished that days were longer. It all started with me coming back from office on friday with looking forward to good weekend ahead.but that was not to be . alas!. I just opened my idiot box when all my cousins came banging on me with an ubiquitous idea of boozing.no part of my body resisted and i went along.Had a good time though and enjoyed with 3-4 chilled beers n lots of gibberish. Woke up at 12 pm on saturday and realized that today is farewell part day for my frnds who r leaving us alone for IIMS.evening came in the blink of the time and I found myself in car driving to gurgaon n boozing with my frnds.we were there waiting at e-zone for frnds. enjoyed anyways with bowling,gokarting,pool and gun shooting.... then came the Metropolitan Mall and we just found ourselves in the nick of the time before "Batman Begins". had a good time though followed by sitting at parantha joint.then came the conclusion time and i was at my driver's seat drving away from gurgaon at 3 am.had a difficult time though cruising between the demon sized trucks.just thanked god that we cruised nicely when suddenly the truck banged us from the side.in the midst of brawl n abusing, my heart was crying for the crushed door of my new santro.that motherfucker ran away, but we were releived that we r safe.the other morning came n i found myself running to Insurance company for claiming my losses.now with everything done my mind came back to shape again but alas the weekend is ending here.anyways preparing myself for one more feast ahead of my cousin's birthday today. haha..


At 10:28 PM, Blogger Atanu said...

keep on blogging yaar, its been nearly 9 months since your last blog

At 11:31 PM, Blogger techfreak! said...

must say..you do hell lotta things!

At 11:32 PM, Blogger techfreak! said...

keep up the spirit no matter what!!


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