Thursday, May 19, 2005

good days ahead

well just found a breathing space after a long hectic week. well it was fun with some good work.Now trying new things in blogging.Just posted a test photo and, boy it looks good. hearing so many good things about blogging and web journalism. Its good that ppl r finding the voice and space to voice their opinions.Lets hope that blogging comes as a good use to mankind.Long live blogging.Theres a office outing tommorow.Wr r going to Chail........Hurray a good weekend ahead.Taking the digital camera from my beloved friend ghai. will capture good scenic pics.will upload it here also.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rap**g GK in the scenic camps In Rishikesh Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 12, 2005

good things coming up

once again sitting really tired after playing Tennis.Waiting for a friend to wind up his work to go back home. Today is quite interesting day as sada Allwin a.k.a pagalguy will be on Young Turks on CNBC TV18 at 10:30 PM.Quite eager to see him in flesh and blood for the first time.
Bought bicycle last week for refreshing my childhood days.feels cool when u ride a bicycle after a long time.
Looking to see some movies this weekend and expecting some real firefighting when lotsa work 'll come this friday.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

another monday........

here i m again sitting in front of a pc after a long drawn battle with a sleeping demon inside me which has taken a huge toll on me since my childhood.finding the work assigned to me and hurray i find no work.sleeping demon gets heavy again and eyes need no more light to be seen and this heavy head goes back on table again but then the fear of getting caught creeps in and I rush to loo for that sleeping demon to rest in peace.Coming out after 15 mins after satiating the demon and find the clock ticking at 12:17 and there i go for some recreation........TT n good lunch

Friday, May 06, 2005

life goes by

sitting again in front of my pc and have nothing to do.just came back after playing Tennis in my office premises. Just thinking how years go by and we r caught off-guard by the time sweeping by.Just going on with the flow.no aims no dreams. Had some in school but most of them got fulfilled. never knew what to dream after getting admission in an engineering college and never wanted to study in college.coz we r never taught to learn continuously in life but to acheive some milestones and feeling contended thereafter.like Boards and engineering admission.after that there comes a time of no learning and no dreams.just flowing.Sometimes when i ask myself "What i want to do in my life"? then there is a deep silence in my head and my mind shuts down n i come back to blogging again :-)

just blogging

after one unsuccessful stint with blogging I am starting afresh. What should one do sitting in front of a pc and have nothing to do in the office. just blogin.. I sometimes wonder what I am paid for... sitting or working?? aneways lets hope that i have a good stint with blogging this time